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Car Bike Movers and their Role in Safely Taking your Car to the Destination

Gurugram, July 30th – Moving one’s precious car is a very delicate and technical task. It can be very cumbersome for the owner to self-move a car. But it is also imperative to move a car safely in case one is shifting to a new place. So what does one do in such a case? How does one ensure car transport in India if one is relocating? This is where car movers come into place. A good moving company will offer you closed car carrier services to protect your car…

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Is it Safe to Transport your Bike During Pandemic ?

  Gurugram, July 25 – Due to the coronavirus several people seeking bike transport have been left confused. Many of you might be hesitant to shift their bikes during this pandemic fearing safety issues of the same. Many of you might be wondering how to disinfect your bikes post relocation? Many of you might be wondering whether to make contact with bike movers during this time or no ? – India’s largest car and bike shifting aggregator which has been in the logistics business for 5 years understand the…

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